Advanced Peels

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Pomegranate Peel - CosMedix
Lactic and antioxidant peel specially designed to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly exfoliates while potent antioxidants prevent free radical damage.

Lacto-Botanical Peel 20% to 60% - Aspect
A powerful but gentle peel to target any skin concern. For pigmentation, sun damage, mild acne, dull, lifeless skin, congestion and dehydrated skins. Excellent for hydrating the skin, improving texture and removing dead skin build up with minimal downtime.

* Strength of the peel will be determined by your skin therapist. Higher strength peels may require you to be prepped on home care prior to the peel

Essential Peptide Peel - CosMedix
This gentle medium strength peel is a blend of potent peptide and stem cell technology. It offers exfoliation with lactic acid and retinol. Improves skin thickness and elasticity to help unveil a brighter and suppler looking complexion.

Triple Action Peel - Aspect 
A multi-action, resurfacing peel suitable for all skin types. Lactic acid and retinoid-mimicking Lanablue help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, while antioxidants hydrate. 

Pigment Peel - Salicylic Peel - Aspect
The Pigment Peel is ideal for dull, ageing skin types, looking to restore a radiant, youthful appearance. Deep exfoliation to lift discoloured cells, paired with brightening Vitamin C and Tyrostat help create an even complexion.

Problem Skin Peel - Salicylic Peel - Aspect
The Problem Skin Peel is ideal for all oily/problematic skin types. Deep exfoliation paired with a calming blend of antioxidants, help answer concerns associated with problematic skin including excess oil, acne and redness.

Purity Peel - CosMedix
This gentle epidermal treatment is the perfect peel to target impure skin, acne and acne scarring and detoxifying. Combining lactic and salicylic acid with retinol in a unique blend of acids, Purity Peel encourages healthy exfoliation and calms problematic skin to reveal a glowing, dewy complexion by penetrating excess oil, decongesting pores and clarifying oily, impure and blemish-prone skin.

Timeless Peel - CosMedix
The Number One Anti-Aging Peel. This powerful Vitamin A and AHA peel supports significant cell turnover, resulting in smoother, denser, more hydrated skin. This peel works well for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation mild acne scaring and perfecting the skin.
*Due to the high strength of this peel clients must be prepped on the appropriate home care before having this treatment. Please ask your skin therapist for more info.

Advanced Peels
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